My name is Adam and I am a digital content professional with over nine years of experience working in content creation focusing on graphic design, video production, and more. I currently work full-time as a graphic design specialist and web manager, but love taking on freelance design projects on the side.

I began my design career with multiple stops within the collegiate athletics communications field where I eventually landed graduate assistantship at DePaul University studying New Media Studies. I graduated with my master’s degree in June of 2017 where I structured my studies in graphic and web design.

In terms of applications, I have experience working in the full Adobe Suite for graphic design and video/audio production while working on both PC and MAC operating systems.


My video feature on Randolph High School. Randolph, MN is a town of just 500 people, but the reason their event succeeds every year is that they put in the time, energy, and passion.
Challenging expansion: Hawks Talon GC’s journey into NBA 2K League
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